Fcs.Assam.gov.in How to Apply New Assam Ration Card Status

How to get a New Ration Card in Assam or Family Identity Cards (FIC) at fcs.assam.gov.in?
The Assam state government is providing the ration cards to the people through some simple procedures. As the Assam ration card is a very important thing in a common man life the government is also taking necessary steps to provide them in flexible ways. The BPL families will get their subsidized quotas of the food supplies through the ration cards only.

This subsidized rations are provided through the PDS (Public distribution system). All the subsidized food and fuel (LPG and kerosene) is purchased by eligible card holders through Fire Price Shop (FPS). The Assam government is providing three types of ration cards with separate colours meant for APL, BPL and AAY beneficiaries under PDS.Features of different types of Ration cards in Assam:

APL (Above Poverty Line) Card:

  • Yellowcolour
  • Issued by the Government to people whose family income Per Annum is Above Rs.15000/-
  • Selected APL families of the State are provided amount of rice @ 8.87 kg per family per month at Rs. 9.50 to 13.00 per kg.

BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card:

  • Red Colour
  • Issued by the Government to people whose family income Per Annum is below Rs.15000/-
  • Selected BPL families of the State are provided with subsidized rice @35 kg per family per month at Rs.6.50 to 7.00 per kg.

AAY (Antyodaya ration cards) Card:

  • Green colour
  • Issued by the Government to Very poor families from BPL
  • Selected AAY families of the State are provided with highly subsidized rice @35 kg per family per month at Rs. 3/- per kg.

How to Apply for a New Assam Ration Card

If any individual doesn’t already possess a Ration Card,the individual must produce a certificate from the Village Head/Gaon Panchayat President / Ward Commissioner / Inspector, FCS&CA / Concerned Authority in writing that the person having no ration card. This kind of certificate will normally be given only after the person files an affidavit to this effect to the issuing authority.

This Non Possession document is to be attached along with the ration card application form. The application for a New ration card should be made to the FCS & CA authority of the District/Sub-Division(C).

What are the Documents required to apply for a New Assam Ration Card?

  • All the particulars of family members
  • Copies of birth certificates of minor family members (Below 10 years in age)
  • Certified copy of relevant page of Voter List
  • Copy of Tax Pay/Land Revenue Pay receipt
  • Surrender certificate of Ration Card/Family Identity holding or non-availability certificate from the FCS and CA authority where the applicant was previously resided.
  • Address Proof (attested copy of PAN Card / Driving License / Bank Passbook / Post Office Passbook / Municipal Holding receipt / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill)

For more information regarding on Assam Ration Card Details and Assam Ration Card Application Status available at http://fcs.assam.gov.in/rationcardinformation.html